Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dakotas Room

So, Shayla is gone down to Cedar City and SUU, so, what to do with this HUGE bedroom downstairs, well, it is time that two 7 yr olds (a boy and a girl) have their own bedroom, so, I cleaned and vacuumed, called D'Laina and asked what she was doing and when she said nothing, said good, come over and let's go buy some paint and paint this bedroom for Dakota. We got a Disney Color paint called "One Enchanted Evening" and I think it turned out cute. She is slowly getting her stuff moved into the room, hoping to soon afford a white dresser, think it would definitely look cuter in here, and also D'Laina and I are going to make some "vinyl" decorations for the walls in dark purple and probably white. Also find something for the window (there isnt a picture here of the window, it just has white blinds) that is cute. We will see if she actually "sleeps" downstairs, eventually I am sure she will. Tyler's bedroom is downstairs so it isnt like she is down there alone. Next project, Coltons room, has this "ugly hideous" wallpaper with flowers on it, soon to come down and he wants to paint it red and blue and get a "lightning mcqueen" bed, so, maybe for Christmas he can get the bed but asap we will get it painted and fixed up a little. Anyway, life is good, kids are in school, I actually really love my job, like the fact that we are getting into somewhat of a routine with the school year starting and hoping to get things done!


Jenny-Jenny said...

Very cute! good job on the painting!

Dawn said...

Good job! Love the color and the name! Have fun, Dakota!

Amber said...

HOW did I miss a post on decorating? It looks cute! Why didn't you call me too? I love those kind of partys!

BYU Graduate

BYU Graduate
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First Day of School
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