Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puppies Arrived Friday Morning!

So, Sammy had her 3rd littler of puppies, 2 boys. The kids named them Obi and Kirby. This should be her last litter as Charlie (the male) is no longer capable of producing them :) Of course they are cute little guys. The first one was butt first so I had to help it out a little, so yes, my 3rd or 4th job (whichever it is now) is part time vet helping deliver puppies. Here are a couple of pictures, they are so darn wiggly that they are a little blurry but oh well, they are cuties! We also kind of helped rescue a couple of chihuahuas, a boy and girl, we decided to keep the girl and of course she was in "heat" as well (before Charlie got snipped) so we are pretty sure we will be having "Chorkie" puppies the first of April or so as well so stay tuned!!


Amber said...

Um, I think this officially make you the Zoo! J/k too bad you don't get a paycheck for your vet skills! they are cute though. (not cute enough that I want one, but cute just the same)

Jenny said...

very cute!

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BYU Graduate
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