Sunday, July 11, 2010


Baseball is something we will do forever at the Perkins house. Dakota up to bat! She did great.
Colton up to bat, looking surprised! He had a really good year!
In the outfield, not seeing much action at the moment!
Where is the ball....when is it coming my way?


Shayla has a birthday, turns 19.

Colton wins 2nd place for speed at the pinewood derby, woohoo Colton! fun times, but can get a little competitive (not for the boys of course but the DADS)

The twins took swimming lessons, it was not the best timing so they missed a couple and we definitely need to get them in some more lessons!

My 2nd grandson comes into the world. Good times =) Brock Gregory Lindsay. July 15th

Mega Blog Updater Slacker!

So, I havent "blogged" forever so here is a quick summary of the last couple of months!
The twins turn 8!!!

I fall down the stairs the morning of the baptism, go get my ankle x-rayed, need surgery, but can get it splinted to make it to the baptism before I have to go back for surgery, had a little morphine too!

My grandson (who is 3) wanted to take a picture of my beautiful scar so here it is!

BYU Graduate

BYU Graduate
Heidi, we are proud of you!!

First Day of School

First Day of School
Colton and Dakota