Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Pregnant Chihuahua

I dont know how much bigger she can get!! She still has at least another week to go, probably a littler longer.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where do they come up with this stuff!?

My cute little Dakota has had this thing lately with her hair so we were walking out the door yesterday to go to Tanners Baseball game and she said "Mom, does my hair look hideous"? I said, no, and what is with that anyway? She said, and I quote her exact words "A Girl has to look her best". She just cracks me up! Anyway, had to share.

New York City!!!

I took Shayla and Tyler to New York for 4 days, we had a LOT of fun. My sister Jana got to go with us which was awesome as well. Here are a few pictures to share.

Getting onto the Subway, fun stuff!!
Riding the subway, it wasnt too crowded at this point.

One of the many awesome memorials for the Twin Towers disaster!
We visited the "Met", "Guggenheim", "Museum of modern art" and a couple of others, they were awesome!

Shayla HAD to have her picture taken with an 'NYPD' cop, they were so fun to talk to, later when we crossed the street they were driving and said over their PA system, GO UTAH, haha.

The amazing Statue of Liberty

Top of the Empire State Building, WINDY!! (jana)

Top of the Empire State Building, it was sooooo windy we had an audio tour guide! (Shayla)

BYU Graduate

BYU Graduate
Heidi, we are proud of you!!

First Day of School

First Day of School
Colton and Dakota